Dear Jan,
What is the difference between topstitching and edgestitching? -Anonymous

Dear Anonymous,

Topstitching is usually done with topstitching thread (silk or polyester buttonhole twist) or two strands of regular sewing thread through the eye of the needle. The edge of the presser foot is often used as a guide to produce a row of stitches, and the stitch length is increased to 8 stitches per inch so that stitches show up better. Edgestitching is usually a utility finish, rather than a decorative one like topstitching. Although edgestitching can be used to match a row of topstitching, it's more often used to prevent edges from rolling to the outside or to keep a tiny folded edge from raveling. No special thread is necessary, nor are stitch length adjustments necessary. NOTE: On a Memory Craft machines, use the cloth guide for topstitching or edgestitching. Adjust the width to get the result you want.