Dear Jan,
When working with knits and other stretch fabrics, I'm not sure what type of stitch is best for construction. I have had trouble with seams stretching out of shape and facings that do not keep their shape. -Anonymous

Dear Anonymous,
The stretchable qualities of many fabrics make them easy to wear but do require some very specific construction techniques. The Overlock 4 serge stitch on the Compulock is perfect for seams on knits and other stretchables. The 4 thread stitch is preferable to a 3 thread stitch because the 4th thread provides a stable straight stitch by using both needles and an overcast stitch wide enough to give a neat, tailored edge to the inside of your garment. When attaching facings, the Overlock 3 serge stitch will give you a more flexible seam needed for the curves of the neckline and armholes.