Dear Jan,

How can I sew letters to a handkerchief without it puckering on my 6600P? Should I cut the string that runs under the words? I need steps to help me receive a professional result. I am sewing on cotton.


Dear Vera,

First I would make the cotton stiff by spraying with spray starch. Iron. Repeat several times until the fabric is stiff.

I would use a small 75/11 Blue tip needle and Embroidery thread in the needle and bobbin.

After the cotton is stiff, test sew to see if a stabilizer is needed. If the letters pucker, place a layer of iron-on stabilizer on the wrong side.

If the handkerchief is to be laundered, leaving the connecting threads will give a longer life to the lettering. If the handkerchief is only for looks, you can cut the connecting threads.