Dear Jan,
How do I do reverse bobbin work? Do I need a special bobbin case for it? -Anonymous

Dear Anonymous,
Reverse bobbin work involves sewing with thread or fiber too large to go through the needle's eye. You can do bobbin work with decorative serger thread, narrow silk ribbon, or other fibers. You simply hand-wind your fiber on the bobbin, and lay it in the bobbin case without inserting it into the bobbin tension slot. Bring the fiber up through the needle hole with the needle thread. A decorative stitch will be sewn on the "other" side of the fabric. For best results you'll want to enlarge the stitch to the widest and longest setting available. A zig-zag, or even a straight stitch can produce beautiful results. With Janome machines, no special bobbin case is necessary. Simply avoid the tension clip, bring the thread up through the needle hole, and you're ready for this decorative technique.