Dear Jan,
When I appliqué using a satin stitch my fabric seems to stretch out of shape and won't lay flat. -Anonymous

Dear Anonymous,
When preparing your fabric for appliqué, you need to stabilize it securely. For the best support, iron on a tear-away stabilizer to the wrong side of the fabric. Because it is ironed in place, it will not move while you are sewing, but it can still be easily removed when the project is complete. The fabric appliqué should also be secured with a fabric glue or iron-on fusible web, to hold it in place. Be sure to use the "F" foot provided with the Janome Machines. This is a transparent foot that will allow you to see your work as you sew. It has a deep insert in the center that will allow the satin stitches to glide under the foot. A custom-crafted "F" foot is also available that has the center bar completely removed for an increased view of your sewing area. When working with heavier fabric you can decrease the pressure on the entire foot with the adjustable Pressure Dial. This can give you more flexibility in manually guiding your fabric around curves. For basic appliqué, we suggest a zigzag stitch with a width of 3.5mm and a length of 0.35mm.