Dear Jan,
I like to sew around my buttonholes twice, but often the thread bunches in the middle of the second buttonhole. -Anonymous

Dear Anonymous,
The pre-set buttonhole length of .45 on the Memory Craft 9000 is designed to give enough density to the satin stitch that, for most fabrics, stitching just one time around is enough. If you choose to sew around the buttonhole twice, it is recommended you increase the length to at least 0.5 to allow space for the second round of stitching. Keep in mind that buttonholes which will be used repeatedly, such as ones on a blouse or waistband, need to have some flexibility in order to slide over the button. They need a stitch length that will allow for "ease." If a buttonhole is used for embellishment, and it will not be used very often, a heavier satin stitch would work. You should always do a test buttonhole on your fabric, including any lining and interfacing.