Dear Jan,
I love heavy decorative cords for couching, but I can't always find them in the colors I want. Is there an easy way to make my own? -Anonymous

Dear Anonymous,
You can create all sorts of wonderful cording trims with the Hemmer Foot 2mm D or Hemmer Foot 2mm D (front loading machines), included with nearly every Janome machine. Choose several thicker threads, such as: Pearl Crown Rayon, Designer 6, Candlelight or even yarn.
Thread your machine with matching threads in the needle and bobbin. Place the threads in a bowl on the floor. Attach Foot D to the machine. Choose the zig-zag stitch (width 5, length 4). Twist the threads together and pull them through the twisted part of the foot. Pull the threads under the foot toward the back of the machine. You will not have any fabric under the presser foot. Lower the foot and stitch. You'll be amazed at how quickly you can create a designer cord. Try different stitches, widths and lengths for unusual effects.