Dear Jan,
Can you give me some guidance in choosing the correct type of interfacing? I'm not sure what kind I should use for various projects and fabrics. -Anonymous

Dear Anonymous,
Choosing the correct interfacing for the fashion fabric you are using will help you provide shape, body and support. You will want to compare and try several weights in order to select the kind that will give you the drapability and durability you need.
• Interfacing Tips: Hold the two layers (the fashion fabric and the interfacing) together to test for compatible draping, weight, color, and fabric care.
• Fusible interfacings have made the process very easy and are a good choice whenever possible. Fusibles often change after fusing, so it's important to test for appearance, drape, and care.
• Woven fusibles generally work best with flat fabrics, and non-wovens work best on textured fabrics.
• When ironing interfacing, it's important to lift the iron to move it, instead of sliding. Also, follow the manufacturer's directions, including the amount of time needed to fuse.
• TEST TEST TEST !!! No matter which interfacing you use, your garment will look better with it than without it.