Dear Jan,
I have been told that I can sew on buttons with my sewing machine. How do I set up my machine for this technique? -Anonymous

Dear Anonymous,
Janome provides a foot just for sewing on buttons. Depending on your machine model, it may be included with your machine or available as an accessory. This foot will "hold" the button in place while sewing. The button can also be secured to your garment with transparent tape. First, manually drop your feed dogs. Stitch # 17 on the Memory Craft 9000 will automatically set a 3.5 zigzag width and no length, because your feed dogs are disengaged. This stitch will give you 10 zigzag stitches then a locking stitch. (On other Janome models, you can set your zigzag width manually.) With some models, we also provide a wedge to place at the back of the presser foot which allows a shank to form on the back of the button. You will need to test your button to be sure that the 3.5 width is accurate. Although this is a standard size, the width can be adjusted wider or narrower. Once you see how simple this is, you'll never sew buttons on by hand again.