Dear Jan,
I'm using my 634D serger to make scarves. I'm using the rolled hem feature with 3 threads and wooly nylon thread. When I start serging on the beginning edge the first 1/8" - 1/4" of my fabric does not get hemmed. It is unfinished as if the thread just didn't catch that part of the fabric or it was pulled away. How can I prevent this from happening? -Anonymous

Dear Anonymous,
The problem is that your scarf fabric is very fragile, and while getting started it wants to pull away -- and does! Try this: Start serging on a double layer of Solvy (water soluble stablizer) in front of and slightly underneath the beginning edge of your fabric. The seam starts to roll in its formation, and by the time it reaches the edge of the fabric it is holding on to the fibers rather than fraying away. Also make sure you have the blade OUT enough. There needs to be sufficient room to form a seam which rolls, and often a sewer has the blade in too far, and the fabric doesn't have room to roll before it is cut off.