Dear Jan,
I'm new to five thread serging. My dealer suggests that when threading the double chain looper,that I allow the thread to hang down in the machine, and that I take the extra step to bring the thread through the left front needle hole, or that I start sewing on a scrap of fabric. Can you explain why? -Anonymous

Dear Anonymous,
The double chain thread hangs down to insure it won't tangle with other threads. This thread only forms a stitch on fabric, so it is important that with any stitch that involves the double chain looper, that you start sewing with fabric under the needles, and not sew off the edge of the fabric. When you examine the presser foot A, you'll see that there is no entry slit for the thread. Starting on a scrap of fabric, or simply touching the needle down/needle up button two times to bring the thread through the front needle hole (and the sweeping the thread back with tweezers) establishes the stitch formation.