Dear Jan,
I have a MyLock 204D serger. I also have the Janome book "The Art of Creative Overlocking" by Anne Van Der Kley. In the Stitch Library section of the book p13-27 she mentions a 2-thread converter for the upper looper. What is this? Is one available for my machine? Also on some of the stitch samples she lists under "special" to adjust stitch finger. What does this mean? Also what is two thread serging using a spreader and what is a spanner used for? Are either of these available for my machine? -Marilyn, Bristol, IN

Dear Marilyn,

A spreader isn't available for your serger. Some sergers in our line have this accessory. It is hooked to the upper looper which then disables it and a two thread can be serged.

The stitch finger is adjusted for a rolled hem and the knife blades must be lowered in order to adjust the finger.

A class on the serger would be very helpful as there are different stitches the serger can be set to. I would suggest you contact your local dealer for availability of classes.