Dear Jan,
On the 1600 series machines, do the feed dogs drop for free motion embroidery? -Anonymous

Dear Anonymous,

The feed dogs do not drop on the 1600P series of machines. In order to use the machine on a quilt frame or to do free motion quilting, you will need to cover the feed dogs. To do this, you will need to purchase one of the following optional kits:

Darning Foot with Darning Plate-Heavy Duty (for the 1600P series of machines)
Darning Foot with Darning Plate-Standard (for the 1600P series of machines)


When using the machine on a quilt frame, we recommend the Heavy Duty plate and foot.

To purchase, please contact an authorized Janome dealer in your local area. If she does not have one in stock, she can place a special order for this item for you. To locate a dealer, log on to and click on "Find a Dealer".