Dear Jan,
What can I try if my embroidery designs look really loopy? I have tried adjusting tension. -Anonymous

Dear Anonymous,

When using the Embroidery Mode it is important to use stabilizer and the correct needle/thread. Depending on the type of fabric that you are embroidering on would depend on what type of stabilizer you should use. For cotton fabric, use an iron-on stabilizer. Cut the iron-on stabilizer wide enough and long enough that it is caught in the hoop when you hoop the fabric. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to adhere to the fabric. If the design is dense, a layer of light weight stabilizer may be required between the hooped fabric and the feed dogs. If you are embroidering on a knit, 2 different types of stabilizer can be used, iron-on tricot interfacing or a cut away stabilizer. If you are using an iron-on tricot interfacing, place the stretch of the interfacing going in the opposite direction to the stretch of the knit fabric. This interfacing would be permanent. If you use a cut away, you can cut away the stabilizer close to the embroidery when the sewing is complete.

The needle and thread is also important. For most embroidery designs, I recommend a Janome Blue Tip 75/11 needle. If the design is very dense, use a Janome Red Tip 80/12 needle. Both of these needles can be purchased from a Janome dealer. Also, use a good quality embroidery thread in the needle and bobbin thread in the bobbin.

There are numerous types of stabilizers available for embroidery. Please visit your Janome dealer. They can show you the best type to use on your project.