Dear Jan,
How do I embroider on nylon without it puckering? -Anonymous

Dear Anonymous,
Nylon is a very tough fabric to embroider. There are a couple of things you can do:

1. Make sure you are using a brand new needle. We recommend the Janome blue-tip needle.

2. Hoop tear-away stabilizer with the fabric. Please see software lesson #33 Proper Hooping on our website To access this lesson, click on the Learning Center tab. Then select Digitizer and then Easy Design - Terms, Menus, Toolbars and click Go. Select Lesson #33.

3. Make sure the fabric is taut, but not stretched. Don't pull the fabric after it is hooped.

4. Slide two extra pieces of tear-away stabilizer under the hoop after it is connected to the carriage arm. The extra stabilizer will hold the needle in place a nano-second longer, which may allow the bobbin to catch the thread from the needle.