Dear Jan,
On the edit screen of my MC11000 there are two buttons that I cant't figure out what they are. The one has 6 spools of thread, 4 of red and two of blue, and the other button is the one beside it with one small flower and one bigger flower with a hand. Could you tell me what these buttons are used for? -Isabel

Dear Isabel,

The spools of thread you are referring to are a color sort key.

When working with duplicate designs in the edit screen such as two of the same flower and maybe two shamrocks, once the design placement is complete simply touch the color sort key and the two different designs will be grouped together so that it stitches out both the colors of each design. If the color sort key isn't selected one flower completely stitches out and then the other flower is ready to sew. This feature is wonderful as you don't have to re-thread for each flower and shamrock.

Hand Pointing at the Flower

The hand point at the flowers is a combination key. When using the combination key several designs or more will be merged together which is very helpful when creating layouts with multiple designs. By touching the combine key all designs in the edit mode will be combined and will move as one.