Dear Jan,
When I do professional style embroidery, the fabric often puckers, or the outline of the design doesn't meet the design precisely. I am using a tear away stabilizer underneath the hoop. What can I do to correct this problem? -Anonymous

Dear Anonymous,
This is a very common situation. Even though you are using a stabilizer, it is not adequately stabilized. Try an iron-on tear-away stabilizer such as Firm Hold_ or Totally Stable_, ironed on the back and put into the hoop. Occasionally another layer or two of stabilizer is also placed under the hoop. (Tear these off one layer at a time.) With a stretchy knit shirt or terry cloth, we sometimes also add a water Soluble layer of Solvy_ or Dissolve_ on top! When you are embroidering a design with very dense stitches-the fabric shrinks, hence you get Puckers, or the outline stitches don't line up. We prefer the hoop #1, because you can open it wide, and tighten with a screwdriver -- We use it in Combination embroidery designs because we can get it very tight.