Dear Jan,
Why are there so many embroidery hoops? How do I know which one to use or how many to buy? -Anonymous

Dear Anonymous,

The optional embroidery hoops available for the Memory Craft Embroidery sewing machines are designed to make certain applications easier. Look at the chart below to find your embroidery machine model and to find an explanation of the hoops that are available for your machine.


Hoop Function MC11000 MC10001, MC10000, MC9700, MC9500, MC350E, MC300E MC9000, MC5700, MC5000
Standard hoop used for most applications. ST Hoop Hoop A Hoop 1
Rectangular hoop for large designs and for using the Hat Hoop Insert. RE Hoop (Optional) Hoop B  
Standard hoop used for embroidering larger designs that the MC11000 is capable of embroidering. SQ Hoop    
Small hoop for embroidering small designs in small, tight areas, like cuffs, pant legs or children’s clothing. Free-arm (Optional) Free-arm Hoop C (Optional) Hoop 2 (Optional)
Large, repositionable hoop for embroidery design layouts. Macro Hoop - 8" X 11" (Optional) Giga Hoop D - 9.1" X 7.9" (Optional) Hoop 5 (Optional)
Round, spring hoop used for most applications but is especially useful for thick fabrics, such as quilted layers and towels.   Spring Hoop F (Optional) Hoop 3 (Optional)