Dear Jan,
I have several lines of words to embroider that all are in the same color and would like to stitch left to right then right to left for more efficiency. At this time when one word is finished it moves across the fabric to the beginning of the next word rather than directly down to the end of the next line. How do I change this. I looked in resequencing and the words are one figure not several. -Denise

Dear Denise,

Any word can be put into reshaping mode and its start and stop points can be reversed.

1. Click on the word to select it

2. Click the Reshaping tool

3. Move the start point, the diamond, to the end of the word.

4. Move the stop point, the plus sign, to the first letter.

5. Press the Enter key

6. Press the Esc key or click the X to stop Reshaping.