Dear Jan,
I am having difficulty with the embroidery features of my machine. I have had a design digitized and my sample stitched out beautifully however, when I try to stitch the design onto a product, in this case a canvas bag - the design is distorted for example: I am using a metallic thread on a light canvas bag and the bobbin thread shows more than the metallic thread. Is this normal? Is the metallic thread not usable in this way? I am using a titanium needle becauase the metallic needle seemed to break the thread. I can stitch the design perfectly on fabric but not on denim or a light canvas - what am I doing wrong? I am also having trouble stitching designs onto a t-shirt - I have been trying all sorts of different stabilizers and needles - perhaps you can provide some advice?


Dear Sharon,
Working with metallic thread can be a challenge but when the results are good it is beautiful. First you need a metallic needle. This has a large eye opening and since you are working on canvas or denim I would suggest a larger size of needle, like a 14 or 16. Slow the sewing machine down and loosen the tension. Depending on the bobbin thread you might take the extra bobbin case (if you have one) and tighten the tension on that if loosening the top tension doesn’t give you the desired results. Depending on the type of metallic thread you are using you might want to adjust the spool so that it is pulled off from the side (making the spool spin) instead of up and over the top as if it was in the MC11 in the horizontal position.

As for embroidering on t-shirts you need to be using an iron on stabilizer so the fabric has no chance of moving and then after you have it hoped slip in a light weight cut away under the hoop before embroidery.