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The Janome Machine That’s As “Tough As Hockey” Chosen To Go To The Winter Olympics

22 February, 2002

Mahwah, NJ ñ The Dallas Stars own three. The Chicago Blackhawks bought four. So did the St. Louis Blues. It’s the sewing machine that’s so tough, it’s being used by 22 of the 30 teams in the NHL and 80% of all minor league teams. Jeff Jones, owner of Jones Sewing Supplies in Macomb, IL, discovered that the Janome S-3015 sewing machine is the ideal repair machine for hockey. For more than eight years he has sold the same model sewing machine to hockey team equipment managers across the US and Canada. Now at the request of the Easton hockey equipment company, Jones will be rinkside at the Winter Olympics to help maintain the equipment of teams from all over the world.

“Hockey players can do a lot of damage to their uniforms in a game,” says Jones. “They go out there to play rough with sticks and skate blades.” Why don’t they just replace those torn game socks? Jones has observed that while hockey players are rough on their gear, they would rather have it repaired than replaced. “They tend to be superstitious about their favorite game jersey and socks. They don’t want new ones; they want the old ones repaired.”

Jones found that the Janome S-3015 sewing machine was the ideal tool for a hockey equipment manager. It goes quickly from darning socks (some teams need 20 pairs a day) to repairing torn jerseys and installing elastic. Many players have found customizing their uniforms with added elastic gives them a better fit and makes it more difficult for opponents to get a handhold.

The S-3015 has stood up well to rough duty in the equipment room. “In eight years of selling these machines to hockey teams, I’ve never had one returned for a mechanical problem,” says Jones. “And they (equipment managers) beat the heck out of them. I like to say ‘It’s the sewing machine that’s ‘as tough as hockey.’”

Jones will make his Olympic debut at the Salt Lake City ice arena, and then travel up to Provo to repair uniforms and equipment at the women’s ice events.

Jones Sewing Supplies was started by Jones’s father in 1953.

Janome America, Inc. (formerly The New Home Sewing Machine Company) is an industry leader in innovation, having produced the first programmable computerized sewing machine, the first computerized sewing machine to offer Professional-Style embroidery, and now the groundbreaking Memory Craft 10000. Janome sewing machines are recognized throughout the industry for their ease-of-use and unsurpassed stitch quality.