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Janome Sewing Machines -- Rarely On The Repair Bench

18 April, 2002

Mahwah , NJ ñ During his 25 years as a sewing machine repairman, Bob Juenemann's livelihood depended on the common mechanical failures that drive sewing enthusiasts crazy. But when he decided to open his own sewing retail store, Make It Sew in Broomfield, Colorado, Juenemann wanted to be sure the machines he was selling would be the least likely to need repair. When he worked in a shop that sold multiple lines of sewing machines, he noticed that warranty repairs on Janome machines were significantly less. Based on his experience at the repair bench, Juenemann chose to carry the Janome sewing line exclusively.

"A sewing machine is a high-precision instrument," says Juenemann. "If one part is off, you can't make a stitch. Now with the advent of electronics in sewing machines, they've become even more complex. Good design and quality-control are more important than ever."

Early in his repair career, it became apparent that one brand in particular hardly ever needed fixing.

"Several companies make good machines. But I began to notice that Janome models made up a very small percentage of the machines I was fixing," says Juenemann. "This wasn't because they weren't making very many machines. Janome makes more household machines than any other manufacturer in the world. They weren't coming in for repairs because they were so well made." With his intimate knowledge of the gearing and feed systems of many sewing machine brands, Juenemann observed that Janome models were especially well-designed and had excellent manufacturing quality.

"When you open one up to work on it, you can tell right away," he says. "Janome machines are simply mechanically superior. And their electronic components have far fewer problems." Juenemann was impressed that quality control was consistent in all machines in the Janome line. This is possible because Janome makes every single machine that carries its name, from the most advanced embroidery machines to sergers to economy models.

"Every sewing manufacturer is proud of their top-of-the-line machines. Janome is no exception. The Memory Craft 10000 is the most advanced model on the market right now," says Juenemann. "But Janome mid-range and economy machines are also well-made." He gives the example of the Jem Gold, a tiny portable that's become a favorite among quilters. The lightweight Jem Gold purrs like a kitten and offers stitch quality that's precise and consistent.

"I'll repair any make of machine," says Juenemann. "But I'll only sell Janome."

Janome America, Inc. (formerly The New Home Sewing Machine Company) is an industry leader in innovation, having produced the first programmable computerized sewing machine, the first computerized sewing machine to offer Professional-Style embroidery, and now the groundbreaking Memory Craft 10000. Janome sewing machines are recognized throughout the industry for their ease-of-use and unsurpassed stitch quality.