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Janome Celebrates 40 Millionth Sewing Machine

7 November, 2002

On November 6, 2002, a very special Memory Craft 10000 made its way off the assembly line at the Janome Sewing Machine Company factory in Tokyo. This MC 10000 was the 40 millionth home sewing machine produced by Janome. At a ceremony held at Janome's Tokyo headquarters, company president, Mr. Koichi Seki, presented the machine to company executives and workers.

Established in 1921, Janome was the first domestic producer of sewing machines in Japan. Its success led to additional production facilities in Taiwan (1969) and Thailand (1988). Together these factories greatly increased the production capacity of the company. Demand for Janome machines has surged, and in the past 7 years, 10 million units have been produced. This year alone, Janome plants have produced 1.6 million units, making Janome the largest manufacturer of household sewing machines in the world.

Today, each Janome factory specializes in producing a range of models aimed at a specific market. The Tokyo factory makes top of the line models, primarily computerized embroidery sewing machines, the Taiwan factory specializes in mid-range models including electronic and computerized sewing machines, and the Thai factory focuses on the manufacture of budget machines. Accreditation of international production and environmental standards underpins the quality and reliability of Janome products.

While celebrating this milestone, Janome accepts that it must not take its number one position for granted. The company will continue to develop new, exciting and more advanced products to meet the needs of the market, always taking into account environmental considerations. Janome machines are sold in America through Janome America, Inc.