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The New Memory Craft 10001 ñ It Does Sewing & Embroidery One Better

25 September, 2003

Mahwah , NJ – The assortment of sewing and embroidery machines from which to choose today is almost overwhelming. In order to create a clear winner within this crowded market, Janome asked sewing and embroidery enthusiasts from around the world to come up with a list of features and benefits that, when put together, would produce the best machine available.

The credentials for this “ideal machine” were impressive. It had to have legendary stitch quality, be easy to use, and operate not only powerfully but also smoothly and quietly. It needed to produce beautifully precise embroidery, have unlimited design size, and feature two-step conversion from sewing to embroidery without a bulky attachment. The wish list also included versatile on-board layout software, Touch Screen design and stitch editing, and computer connectivity. With an answer to everything on this list comes the latest member of the Memory Craft family: the Memory Craft 10001.


For sewing and embroidery, the Memory Craft 10001 has it all. There are more ways to get embroidery designs in and out of the MC10001 than any other machine: ATA PC Card, a USB port and a RS232C port. There are dozens of beautiful embroidery designs pre-programmed into the MC10001, from tiny Free Arm designs to giant Giga designs. Four hoops come standard with the machine, allowing the user huge flexibility in the embroidery field: 2” x 2” Free Arm, 5” x 4.3” Standard, 5.5” x 7.9” Large, and the 9.1” x 7.9” Giga.

“Janome’s famous intuitive technology means that if you can point, drag and push a button, you can create beautiful embroidery layouts right on the screen,” says Regena Carlevaro, Merchandise Supervisor at Janome America. “You can copy, paste and flip designs. You can rotate them in increments as small as one degree or in 45 degree jumps. And you can select from seven built-in fonts, 2-3 letter monograms and border designs.”

To create an even higher level of custom digitized embroidery designs and layouts, the MC10001 comes packaged with Customizer 10000 Plus and is compatible with the optional Digitizer 10000 software. As with all Janome products, Janome software is intuitive and flexible. Stacks and stacks of manuals are not necessary, just click to create.

Another unique new feature is the ability to specify a favorite thread. The MC10001 can convert the standard Janome thread colors into thread colors and numbers to match Robison-Anton, Madeira or Mettler.

“Everyone is always fascinated with the embroidery capabilities of the MC10001, but they should also understand that this model takes sewing just as seriously as it does embroidery,” Carlevaro emphasizes. “That’s what makes it such a wonderful, all-around machine.”

Sewing projects benefit from the power and precision of Janome’s Superior Feed System, with its 7-piece feed dog to keep all types and thicknesses of fabric flowing under the needle. Stitch quality is exact and the selection is enormous. There are over 250 utility and decorative stitches and 11 one-step buttonholes. And, the on-screen customization features give ordinary sewing extraordinary results. Adjust stitch length and width, elongate, and combine. Then save unique stitch patterns into one of the machine’s built-in memory banks or onto an ATA PC Card.

The Memory Craft 10001 is available now at participating Janome dealers’ stores. More information on it, and all other Janome machines, is available on our Products Page.

Janome (formerly The New Home Sewing Machine Company) is an industry leader in innovation, having produced the first programmable computerized sewing machine and the first computerized sewing machine to offer Professional-Style Embroidery. Janome sewing machines are recognized throughout the industry for their ease-of-use and unsurpassed stitch quality.