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Janome Sewing/Embroidery Machines Are First To Receive Designs Via Wireless StitchLink'

22 March, 2005

MAHWAH, N.J. ñ The Wi-Fi revolution has come to home sewing. Thanks to the new StitchLink(TM) wireless adapter from silex technology America, Inc., a person sitting at a computer in one part of the house can send multiple embroidery designs to their Janome Memory Craft sewing and embroidery machine in another part of the house.

The Janome Sewing Machine Company recently signed a distribution agreement that will enable authorized Janome Dealers to offer the StitchLink(TM) device in their stores. Janome is the first leading sewing machine manufacturer to distribute StitchLink(TM), which connects to the USB port on the Memory Craft 11000, Memory Craft 10001 and Memory Craft 10000 sewing and embroidery machines. The device can transfer multiple designs using Janome embroidery software and can also be used to send software upgrades to Memory Craft machines.

Sewing space is at a premium for most sewing enthusiasts, many of whom cannot afford to dedicate a whole room to their hobby. And, many families share a home computer, requiring it to be located in a central part of the house. With a range of up to 300 feet, StitchLink(TM) allows the computer, with its tangle of connection cables, to be well out of the way of the sewing machine. It can also eliminate the need for a separate sewing computer with its own scanner, printer and Internet connection. Now it will be possible to install Janome embroidery software on the family computer and simply transfer designs across the room or across the house with a click of the mouse.

"The silex StitchLink(TM) opens up a whole new world for our customers," says Randy Thomas, Senior Vice President of Janome America. "By adding wireless capabilities to our USB-enabled sewing and embroidery machines, it gives our customers much more freedom to create."

"StitchLink(TM) is both practical and easy to use," said Keith Sugawara, silex vice president networking division. "We are pleased to be working with Janome for the initial rollout of this product. They have a strong customer base and the vision to recognize the importance of providing wireless connectivity for their customers."

StitchLink(TM) was developed specifically for the sewing machine market and has been tested with most popular USB-enabled sewing machines to be as simple to use as a direct cable connection.

Specifications for the one-port, 802.11b Wireless USB device server are as follows:

  • Compatible with Windows XP and Windows 2000
  • Includes intuitive quick setup utility for easy setup
  • MSRP of $249

To read a complete product description go to the StitchLink(TM) page on the silex website.

silex technology america, Inc. is a subsidiary of silex technology, Inc. (JASDAQ:6679), a 30-year developer of systems, developer of external and embedded device-to-device connectivity products and biometric readers and software. silex has become one of the largest global suppliers of print server products over the past 10 years, and also offers a full line of biometric fingerprint devices. For additional information, call (801) 748-1199 or go to or

Janome America, Inc. (formerly The New Home Sewing Machine Company) is an industry leader in innovation, having produced the first programmable computerized sewing machine, the first computerized sewing machine to offer Professional-Style Embroidery, and the groundbreaking new generation of Memory Craft embroidery machines with their accompanying software programs. Janome sewing machines are recognized throughout the industry for their ease-of-use and unsurpassed stitch quality.