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The Computer That Sews: The New Memory Craft 11000 Sewing & Embroidery Machine

20 September, 2005

MAHWAH , N.J. ñ If you didn't see the needle and presser foot, you might not know it's a sewing machine. It has a larger color screen than many portable DVD players. It has five different ways of importing and exporting design files, including a wireless connection. And you navigate through its functions with a stylus, just like you'd use for your PDA.

The Memory Craft 11000 sewing and embroidery machine is the newest creation of the Janome Sewing Machine Company, which introduced the first programmable computerized home sewing machine back in the 1970s.

The Memory Craft 11000 is the most comprehensive tool on the market for taking embroidery designs from the digital world and stitching them onto fabric. Embroidery designs can be imported and/or saved using numerous media, including standard USB memory keys, ATA PC flash memory cards, CD-ROM (using the optional CD-ROM read-only drive), and wireless StitchLink. The Memory Craft 11000 can handle all these digital options because it has two USB ports. One port is for importing and exporting design from standard USB memory devices, such as memory keys, as well as for importing designs from the optional CD-ROM drive.

The other USB slave port is for connecting to a PC with the included USB cable. This port also allows connection to the optional wireless StitchLink device, which allows designs to be sent from a computer at one end of the house to the sewing/embroidery machine at the other end of the house. Read more about StitchLink.

Two-way USB communication via the slave port means designs stored on a computer’s hard drive or other memory device can be accessed directly, as if they were simply in another folder on the Memory Craft 11000. The simple PC Folder Tool software required for this functionality is included within the standard accessory package. It makes transfer faster and design storage is no longer an issue.

Obviously, the options for bringing in designs are powerful, but so are the editing features to work with the designs once they’re in the machine. The built-in design editing software is extremely powerful. It’s so easy to click, drag and drop right on the touch screen, a user doesn’t need a computer to create sophisticated designs.

Another innovation that immediately catches the eye is the moveable “i-height” screen. It's the first sewing machine screen that moves up or down to give you the most comfortable eye-line while you work. It's also the largest, most colorful touch screen available on a home sewing/embroidery machine, measuring 7.5" diagonally and with a laptop-style resolution of 640 x 480 pixels that can display more than 65,000 colors. The quality is so good it has a screensaver function that can import and display digital photographs.

While the Memory Craft 11000 represents a new level of sophistication in sewing and embroidery technology, the machine is still easy enough to use for a beginner. Rather than icons, which can sometimes be confusing and hard to remember, the screen navigation has little pictures of each function. And many operations, such as threading the machine or putting on a specialty sewing foot, are illustrated in mini, on-screen Help Movies, which can be paused and rewound to any point.

In order to ensure the greatest stitch accuracy, Janome took technology developed for its high precision desktop robotics division and redesigned it to move the embroidery hoop. The result is a system called the Rolling Linear Motion Guide. The system uses a modular arm that swings out from the back of the machine when in embroidery mode. This robotic technology not only gives the Memory Craft 11000 the best hoop precision (and stitch quality) of any home embroidery machine, it also enables it to do the largest square embroidery designs possible. Square is the optimum shape for an embroidery hoop and the most common shape used in quilting. The Memory Craft has the largest square hoop on the market: 8” x 8”. There’s also a Standard Hoop at 5” x 4” plus two optional hoops: the tiny Free Arm Hoop at 2” x 2” and the new, monster Macro Hoop at 8” x 11”.

Despite its giant lead in sewing and embroidery functionality, the Memory Craft 11000 is still the most compact of available home sewing and embroidery machines. Unlike its competitors, it doesn't require a bulky attachment to be connected to the end of the machine to use the embroidery function. Even with this efficient size, the Memory Craft 11000 has the most sewing, quilting and embroidery room ñ more than 9” to the right of the needle. More room for creative machine embroidery.

There are a host of features to increase convenience and reduce frustration and fatigue. A new Full Intensity Lighting System shines eight, pure white LEDs to cover the entire working area. Super time savers include an Automatic Needle Threader, Independent Bobbin Winder, Programmable Thread Cutter and Start/Stop button.

Bringing it all together is the history and tradition behind the Janome name. From the beginning in 1860, through the years of New Home dependability, and into the computerized innovations that mark Janome ownership since 1960, the Memory Craft 11000 is the latest in a long line of impressive products. But above all, Janome has never forgotten what sewing enthusiasts want more than anything else: reliable machines that make beautifully precise stitches. Janome machines stand the test of time.

Click here for more information about the Memory Craft 11000, including optional accessories and an on-line video.

Janome America, celebrating its 145th anniversary in 2005, is the largest subsidiary of Janome Sewing Machine Company of Tokyo, which produces more than one million sewing machines annually as well as a line of related sewing products and embroidery software. It is a category leader in innovation, and Janome sewing machines are recognized throughout the industry for their ease-of-use and unsurpassed stitch quality.