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Janome Digest Issue No. 29: Fall And Winter 2005-2006

28 March, 2006


From Thanksgiving through New Year, the holiday season gives you more chances for creative embroidery. In Janome Digest Issue No. 29 Fall-Winter 2005-2006, you'll see embroidered gift wrapping, embroidered gift boxes, embroidered personal pillowcases, and embroidered baby blankets your child will treasure.

You don't need a computer to do complex embroidery. The Memory Craft 11000's on-screen editing is perfect for advanced sewers, as Michele Mishler shows us with her sophisticated wedding gown. This stunning project was created entirely by editing built-in designs right on the machine's touchscreen.

Even simple gifts can look extravagant with the right presentation. Learn how to create five embroidered gift wraps with Trish Lang of Janome Australia that go beyond ordinary wrapping paper and bags. And don't forget the optional Message Ribbon.

From Janome Canada, Ainsley Brodeur shows you how to use the Redwork Collection designs from PC Design Card #1018 to create incredible gift boxes. Your personal touch will stand out under that crowded Christmas tree.

A little embroidery goes a long way in the bedroom. Janome Educator Mary Carollo of Janome America shows you how to personalized your pillowcases, using the Memory Craft 10001, Customizer 10000 Plus, and embroidery designs of your choice.

Can't think of a gift to make? Try the Alphabet Jumble Tote Bag by Deborah Shephard of Janome U.K. It fun and easy to make with your Memory Craft 11000 and any Janome serger.

Every baby deserves a special blanket or two. "Bundles of Blankets" features three blanket projects from Australia, showing you how to make them quickly and beautifully with your Janome seger. There's CoverPro Baby Blankets, by Phyllis Spina, and the Baby Blanket with Shell Tuck Edging, by Marlene McDavitt. Grown up newlyweds will love the White Lily Blanket, by Toni Widderson.

In the Sewist Showcase you'll be inspired by the Tool Time Quilt by Clarice Girouard, an Embroidered Linton Tweed, by Alison Smith, and a scarf by Marilyn Gatz that combines both serger and embroidery techniques. Rounding out the Showcase is a gown with an embroidered leaf shoulder garland by Dee Davies, and button-up shirts with a feminine touch by Jennie Glanton.

In Finishing Touches, Australia's Annette Venn shows you how to create embellishments with your Janome serger. Get step-by-step tips on making decorative tucks, strips, wrapped piping cord and inserted piping.

Janome Digest covers projects and techniques from all over the world for owners of Janome sewing machines, embroidery machines and sergers. Plus, subscribers find out early about new Janome products and accessories and the creative ways to use them. Quarterly issues of Janome Digest are available at participating Janome dealers or by subscribing online.

2005 is the 145th anniversary of Janome America, the largest subsidiary of Janome Sewing Machine Company of Tokyo, which produces more than one million sewing machines annually as well as a line of related sewing products and embroidery software. It is a category leader in innovation, and Janome sewing machines are recognized throughout the industry for their ease-of-use and unsurpassed stitch quality.