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Latest Memory CraftÆ Embroidery Machine From Janome Has Fewest Repairs

28 April, 2006

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MAHWAH , N.J. ñ In a line of embroidery machines famous for their reliability, the introduction of the Janome Memory CraftÆ 11000 has raised the bar even higher. In addition to being the most advanced sewing and embroidery machine ever made by Janome, the Memory Craft 11000 has the added distinction of requiring the fewest repairs of any top-of-the-line embroidery machine produced by Janome.

Bob Juenemann, who sells Janome machines at his store in Broomfield, Colorado, has a unique insight into what makes the Memory Craft 11000 so reliable. Before becoming a sewing dealer, Juenemann was a full time sewing machine repairman. He continues to service all major brands, including the increasingly complex computerized embroidery machines.

"Janome engineers have done an amazing thing," says Juenemann about the Memory Craft 11000. "As the Memory Craft machines have become increasingly complex, they've actually required less support. They are so well thought-out." He says the Memory Craft 11000 has an embroidery mechanism that rivals the quality of commercial machines, yet, it's the easiest to service. “Other brands have added features on top of other features, making simple repairs much more complex. Elegant simplicity is Janome's hallmark.”

According to Gazmend Gjyrezi, head of Janome America's maintenance program, several design innovations led to the Memory Craft 11000's excellent durability. One of these is the reduction of mechanical friction at high speeds. The Memory Craft 11000 is the first Janome sewing machine to have ball bearings rather than bushings in its upper shaft. This design allows the machines to run for extended periods at high speeds without any danger of damaging the shaft through overheating. Another factor he cites is an improved technical training program, which has enabled dealers to better recognize and make minor adjustments to the machines, getting them back to the customers more quickly.

The Memory Craft 11000 was compared against its predecessors, the Memory Craft 10001, 10000, 9000, and 8000.

For complete information on the Memory Craft 11000, including all available accessories, go to the MC11000 page.

Janome America is the largest subsidiary of Janome Sewing Machine Company of Japan, which produces nearly two million sewing machines annually as well as a line of related sewing products and embroidery software. It is a category leader in innovation, and Janome sewing machines are recognized throughout the industry for their ease-of-use and unsurpassed stitch quality.