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The Janome 1110DX Serger: Precision, Stability And More

3 July, 2006

1110DX Serger
A solid metal base plate stabilizes the machine.

MAHWAH , N.J. ñ The beauty of a serger is that it does several things at once. The challenge is to do it all smoothly. The new Janome 11110DX serger has a design that steadies it against operational vibration while at the same time moving the fabric with greater precision. This stability is thanks in part to its dual feed dog system.

This differential feed system, which uses two feed dogs, virtually eliminates puckered edges on woven fabrics and stretched edges on knits. One feed dog moves the exact amount of fabric needed for the stitch length while the other pushes or pulls the fabric according to the ratio on the feed dial. The ratio can be set anywhere from 0.5 to 2.25.

When a serger's two needles are flying up and down at more than a thousand stitches per minute, and the feed dogs are pushing multiple layers of fabric past the knife, the vibration can literally move the serger across the sewing table. This can make it difficult to run the serger at its top speed. To counteract this, Janome has given the 1110DX a solid metal base plate. The special shock-absorbing feet attached to the bottom of the plate, dampen any residual vibration and give the machine a much smoother feel.
Threading, which is what some users fear most about sergers, is straightforward and easy on the 1110DX. An improved color-coded thread guide is printed on the machine, making set-up for 2, 3, or 4-thread stitching simple and quick.

Threading the lower looper has also been simplified with easy-to-reach guides. When the thread guide is rotated, the lower lower looper thread guides pop into view. The 1110DX has all the premium features one would expect to find on a top end serger: Electronic speed control, retractable upper knife, snap-on feet, adjustable cutting width, and a quick conversion from the standard serger stitch to rolled hem without changing the needle plate. Just slide the needle plate to the "R" position and choose "R.H." on the lower setting slider.

The 1110DX is the ultimate second machine, allowing the user to complete projects with amazing speed and a professional finish. It can provide "hidden" stitches like the rolled hem or be configured with colorful thread for unique decorative effects.
Complete information on the Janome 1110DX serger, including all optional accessories, is available on the 1110DX Serger page.

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