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Recognizing Extra Effort: Project Linus Dealer Awards 2006

15 July, 2006


After National Make A Blanket Day 2006 (MABD) we heard wonderful reports from blanketeers, dealers, and Project Linus coordinators across the country. The photos and touching notes would fill several thick scrapbooks. It truly is a special day for everyone who participates and the children who receive the handmade blankets.

Each year after MABD, everyone is curious about which dealer collected the most blankets. It's not quite an apples-to-apples contest since some dealers have a much larger population base to draw from.

However, this year, after tallying the official results, we recognized dealers who had collected the most blankets in five categories.

Dealers Who Collected The Most Blankets In 2006

Make A Blanket Day at Prairieland Quilts.

Multiple Locations
Missouri Sewing Machine Co.
Lenexa, KS - Kansas City, MO - Independence, MO
3,280 Blankets

Single Location
RG Kramer’s Sew-N-Vac East Cincinnati, Ohio
2,080 Blankets

Population Less Than 100
The Quilting Hen
Carter, Montana
124 Blankets

Population Less Than 1,000
Prairieland Quilts
Cissna Park, Illinois
779 Blankets
Population Less Than 5,000
Stewart’s Sewing Machines Inc. Mt. Zion, Illinois
4,845 Blankets

Dealers Who Won The Above And Beyond Award For 2006
Make A Blanket Day is about so much more than numbers. We recognize these two dealers for their extraordinary efforts for Project Linus.

The Quilting Dragon
Las Cruces, New Mexico
The Center for Sewing
Sanford, Maine

The staff at The Center For Sewing

Dealers Who Deserve Special Recognition

These Janome dealers were nominated by Project Linus Chapter Coordinators and others who recognized the special efforts of their stores, employees and/or participants.
The Center For Sewing
Sanford, ME
Kathi Chenard
Nominated by: Susan Kirk
Ken’s Sewing Center
Muscle Shoals, AL
Ken Claunch, Phyliss Massenburg
and Betty Hughes
Nominated by: Marilyn Marks
Sew & Vac
Ames, IA
Nominated by: Deb Wolf
Gerry’s Sew & Vac
Speedway, IN
Gerry Dingess Nominated by: Kelly Freeman
The Nimble Thimble
Port Chester, NY
Joann Pellicano
Nominated by: Ellen Mallett

OK Sewing Machine Co.
Omaha, NE
Nancy & Randy
Nominated by: Ginny DeBates
Needle Nest
Spring, TX
Joyce Godfrey
Nominated by: Laura Powers

Sewtown of Joplin
Joplin, MO
Loretta Sisco
Nominated by: Joyce Gentzier

Meissner Sewing Machine
Sacramento, CA
Susan Berbec
Nominated by: Claire Giddon

Green’s Vac & Sewing
Grants Pass, OR
Terry & Tina Munday
Nominated by: Carole Leaverton

Quilter’s Corner
Grand Junction, CO
Bill & Johanna Keith
Nominated by: Kerrie Strasser

RG Kramer’s Sew & Vac East
Cincinnati, OH
Shelly Gardner
Nominated by: Kathleen Miller

Jeanette’s Fabric Boutique
Wakarusa, IN
Jeanette Prenkert
Nominated by: Maureen Skurski

Heirloom Creations
Sioux Falls, SD
Sara Snuggerud
Nominated by: Chris Crabb
The Stitching Post
Oklahoma City, OK
Robin Fendrych-Hill
Nominated by: Vanessa Cobb
The Quilting Dragon
Las Cruces, NM
Nancy Eiking
Nominated by: Linden Ranels Ames
Gerry’s Sew & Vac
Indianapolis, IN
Gerry Dingess and Sharon
Nominated by: Mary Williams
Chaney’s Sewing Center
Waycross, GA
Teresa Chaney
Nominated by: Carol Robson

A Creative Embroidery Shop
St. Petersburg, FL
Liz Leber
Nominated by: Judy Fielding

Moore Sewing Center
Louisville, Kentucky
Linda Bowles and Ellie Gay, owner
Nominated by: Michele Douglas

Domestic Sewing Center
Warren, OH
Linda Fabrizio
Johnny Provitt
Nominated by: Kira DeLong