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Embroidery-Only Only Gets Better: The Memory Craft350E

20 September, 2006

Memory Craft 350E Embroidery-Only Machine
Transfer embroidery designs from your PC via USB memory key.

MAHWAH, N.J. – Sewing enthusiasts love multi-tasking, which is why there’s been such a rise in the popularity of companion and specialty machines. The new Memory Craft 350E from Janome makes it easier than ever to do Professional-Style Embroidery on a stand-alone machine.
Having a machine dedicated to embroidery means a sewer can set it up, press start, and while it’s embroidering, finish other tasks on a regular sewing machine or serger. With important new features: the ability to import designs via USB, more accurate editing tools, a faster microprocessor, and an automatic thread cutter; this second-generation Janome embroidery-only model works harder than ever. It’s like adding an extra pair of hands in the sewing room.

The MC350E incorporates an attractive new color scheme to house its many new advances. The automatic thread cutter is a feature that, once used, most embroidery enthusiasts say they simply cannot live without. Top and bobbin threads can be cut at the touch of a button, and both threads are automatically cut at the conclusion of each thread color during an embroidery stitch-out.

With a new USB port, designs can now be brought in using USB memory keys (also called thumb drives) that have become the standard for transporting data. The MC350E can still access Janome's proprietary PC Design Card library as well as import designs on ATA PC cards (also known as flash memory cards).

And like all Janome embroidery models, the MC350E does beautifully precise embroidery without the need for a bulky, external attachment. All operations are noticeably faster and smoother on the MC350E thanks to some dramatic improvements on the inside of the machine. Janome has upgraded the machine's processor, enabling it to complete onboard functions in a fraction of the time. The motion of the upper shaft is now smoother and quieter thanks to the addition of a new system of bearings. The MC350E uses four differently sized embroidery hoops. At the small end is the 2" x 2" Free Arm Hoop for embroidering in tight places like cuffs and collars. The largest is the Giga Hoop, which has an embroidery area of 9.1" x 7.9". This variety of hoops makes the MC350E compatible with Janome's Digitizer and Customizer lines of embroidery software. However, software isn't necessary for creating sophisticated embroidery layouts. Designs are easily imported, edited and moved to the desired position using the controls on the backlit LCD touch screen. Rotation can now be controlled in 1-degree increments. Design resizing, which ranges from 90% to 110%, can be scaled 1% at a time. And, the MC350E comes with a hundred built-in embroidery designs.

Complete information on the Memory Craft 350E, including all available accessories, is available on the MC350E web page.

Janome America is the largest subsidiary of Janome Sewing Machine Company of Japan, which produces nearly two million sewing machines annually as well as a line of related sewing products and embroidery software. It is a category leader in innovation, and Janome sewing machines are recognized throughout the industry for their ease-of-use and unsurpassed stitch quality.