Start Your Own Embroidery Business

Tips for starting your own embroidery business 


You love embroidery, and you’re good at it. You also want to work from home and set your own hours – all while fulfilling your creative potential. Why not start your own embroidery business? Janome offers machines and products that make it easy to fulfill your dream of owning your own business. Read on to see our tips and advice for getting started in this lucrative industry.
1. Choose the machine that is right for you
The Janome MB-4 was created to give you professional-quality results for a fraction of the cost of an industrial model. This compact yet powerful multi-needle embroidery machine will fit easily into your home, so you can start your business right away.
The MB-4 also offers easy expansion. Designs are edited and stored on a computer module that attaches to the machine, called a Remote Computer Screen (RCS) - the same RCS can be used on multiple machines.
Talk to your Janome dealer, and ask for a machine demo. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to use this professional embroidery machine.


2. Digitizing Logos
You will probably want to offer digitizing services to your clients – this means that they can bring you an image of their logo, and you can turn it into a file that can be stitched by the machine. Janome’s Digitizer MB software will allow you to do this.
Talk to your local Janome dealer to find out what classes are available for machine and software use.
3. Accessorize!
Three hoops are included with the MB-4, sized in the most common configurations for the embroidery industry. Janome also offers a wide range of optional hoops, so that you can have the right tool for any embroidery job.
Other accessories that you will need for your new business include thread, stabilizer, alternate embroidery designs, and needles. You can find these and more in Janome’s Business in a Box. This valuable accessory item can be purchased at your local Janome dealer, and includes everything you need to get your embroidery business up and running. 
4. Promote yourself

The MB-4 is the lightest, most compact multi-needle embroidery machine available. This means you can take your embroidery business with you. Promote yourself at local soccer games by making personalized t-shirts and sweatshirts and hats (yes ... there's a hoop for that); let your local businesses know you can put their company logo on shirts, bags, jackets and more; visit local trade shows or craft fairs; you could even do an event for a local clothing store: "Buy a Pair of Jeans, Get Free Pocket Embroidery" - the store owner gets a great promotion and you get visibility. The list goes on and on; the MB-4 makes it all possible.

You'll also want to create business cards with your contact information and pass them out freely. Develop a website or blog so customers can find information about your services online. Start an email ist, and send potential customers information on a regular basis; you may include gift ideas or promotional pricing in these emails.