Trip Around the Block Quilt

Created By: Janome Educator Kelley McKenzie
Skill Level: Advanced

In early 2014, Janome issued a fabric design challenge to three of our educators. Take the same peice of fabric, and turn it into whatever you want. Kelley’s first love is quilting, so when she saw the Design Challenge fabric, it was simply a choice of what type of quilt she wanted to make. This simple, modern and fun quilt will take you less than a day to piece. Quilting guidelines are provided using the Artistic Quilter 18DX and the Artistic Robot, but can be quilted using traditional methods.

Finished Size - 64" x 78"

Janome Supplies Required
  • Any Janome Sewing machine
  • ¼” Seam foot O
  • Acufeed Flex foot
Fabric and Notions Required

Fabric/Notions Required:

  • 3 yds. cotton focal fabric
  • 1 yd. each of three solid coordinating cotton fabrics
  • 1 3/4 yds. solid fabric for inner border
  • 4 ½ yds. coordinating fabric for backing
  • 72” x 90” cotton batting
  • Cotton thread for piecing
  • 6” x 24”quilter’s ruler
  • 12 ½” x 12 ½”quilter’s ruler



Cutting Instructions:
From each of the focal and three assorted solids cut:

  • Three 12 ½” squares
  • Three 3 ½” x 12 ½ strips
  • Three 3 ½” x 15 ½” strips

From Solid Fabric (inner border) cut:

  • Four 3 1/2” x width of fabric

From focal fabric (outer border and binding) cut:

  • Two 6 ½” x 72” strips
  • Two 6 ½” x 67” strips
  • Six 2 ½” x 80” strips

From coordinating fabric (backing) cut:

  • Two WOF x 72” strips

Piecing Instructions:

  1. Thread machine and wind bobbin with cotton sewing thread.
  2. Attach ¼” Seam foot O. All seams will be sewn using a ¼” seam allowance.
  3. On one side of each of the twelve 12 ½” blocks, attach one 3 ½” x 12 ½” strip of contrasting fabric.
  4. Rotate the block to the next side and attach the 3 1/2” by 15 ½” strip of contrasting fabric.
  5. Press seams after each strip is added.

  6. Trim the blocks to create (15 ½” squares) and then lay blocks out and design three blocks across and 4 blocks down to create middle of quilt. Press seams in same direction on row but opposite direction on row above it (this will help the seams to not have bulk where the blocks join). So you now have the middle of your quilt complete.


Adding Inner Border: 3 ½’ x length of fabric

  1. Sew 2 strips on the long sides of your quilt middle and then 2 strips on the top and bottom (By doing it in this order you avoid having to piece your border). Press seams after each strip is added.

Adding Outer Border: Focal Fabric

  1. Sew 2 strips that are 6 ½” x 67”on the long side of your quilt. Press seams.
  2. Sew 2 strips that are 6 ½” x 72” on the top and bottom of quilt. Press seams.



  1. Sew down the top and sides of quilt in the quilt area using the H and V button at the top of the screen to lock your machine horizontally and vertically.

  2. Now set the quilt area for your top outer border. This area should be the width of quilt and depth of outer border.

  3. Select home screen> add pattern> and Classic Panto. Now select the edit button (it looks like a paintbrush in the top right corner of screen), and then select repeat. A pop up box will appear asking for how many repeats, select 6 repeats across.

  4. This will not fill in compete quilting area. Now select edit button, scale, and smart scale this will now fill in quilt area.

  5. Now select the green light to start quilting the border. When finished select edit and then remove. This will remove the pattern.
  6. Now select home and set quilt area. Now set area for inner border. This quilt area should be the width of top inner border and depth. Select home, add pattern, and under Jessica Schick patterns select puzzleJSPANTO23. Repeat this pattern four times and smart scale it. Quilt area and then remove pattern.
  7. For each block select randomly from the patterns in the block category under add a pattern. Always smartscale each block to fill in entire block area.
  8. When quilting the strips it gets tricky. Examine strips and notice that some are longer than others because of the way it is laid out. Select a long strip first (approximately 14.5” x 3”). Set this as the quilt area. Select spiral squared pattern under geometric patterns, repeat pattern 2 times, and then smartscale the pattern.
  9. On the shorter strips keep the same quilt area. While quilting, it will have to be manually stopped since the quilt area set in computer is larger than actual quilt area (this has to be done because the pattern selected is in sets of two per pattern block and the area will only hold three). If this is too difficult then select a pattern of your choice for strip sets.
  10. With pattern used in strips in this quilt you will have to sometimes reverse the pattern so that the two patterns will connect in the strip sets (to do this select edit, and reverse path). When going from a vertical strip to a horizontal strip you will simply rotate pattern (select edit, rotate, 90 degree clockwise). Sometimes this causes the pattern to no longer be in pattern box. When this happens select the notepad, and then auto center. This will put the pattern back inside the quilt area.

  11. Once the top borders, inner borders, and middle of quilt is done unpin quilt from frame. The quilt will then need to be reloaded where the side borders can be quilted. Now the quilting is done! Once quilting is complete simple bind the quilt using the Acufeed foot (AD).

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