Cuckoo Clock

Created By:

Samantha Walker of Samantha Walker's Imaginary World

Skill Level: Advanced

Samantha Walker had a wonderful time at Spring Quilt Market in Minneapolis, MN this year. Made with the Janome Horizon Memory Craft 15000 and Artistic Suite, Samantha's stuffed Cuckoo Clocks were her contribution for her booth. 

These beautiful clocks actually work! Samantha said that they were keeping time all throughout the show. She designed the clocks with a zipper in the back so that you can change the battery.

You too can create Samantha's adorable Cuckoo Clocks by following her clear step-by-step instructions.

Janome Supplies Required
  • Two 18"x22" squares of light quilt batting for the roof and front of the Cuckoo Clock
  • Polester Fiber Fill for stuffing the clock rice (to weigh the pinecone weights)
  • Stiff fabric stabilizer (optional for harder corners)
  • 2 ft of aqua pom-pom trim
  • 2"clock kit
Fabric and Notions Required

Embroidery Thread:

  • 4 graduating shades of pink
  • 2 shades of aqua
  • 1 medium brown, cream and yellow


- Roof

  • One 18"x22" piece of brown fabric so that it will fit on the Janome Hoop GR. You will also need a backing fabric of the same size. 
  • Note - If you do not have a large hoop you can use a smaller hoop and modify the roof so that only half of it embroiders at one time. Leave space at the peak to be able to sew two roof pieces together to form the complete roof. Modification instructions are included in the PDF linked in the instructions section.

- Front of Clock

  • One 18"x22" piece of pink fabric so that it will fit on the Janome Hoop GR. You will also need backing fabric. Please note that the file can also be modified for smaller hoops by eliminating the stitched outline of the clock where you would cut it out so that only the clock face, fence and bird window appear in the hoop. Then you would use the pattern piece to cut the clock front instead of cutting on the outline stitch provided in the embroidery file.

- Back Pieces

  • Will fit on a 9"x11" piece of fabric. 

- Sides

  • One 4"x26" strip of mint fabric then cut it in half to make two 4"x13" strips. You may cut these slightly longer to be more forgiving and trim the excess after the sewing is completed. 

Click here for a PDF of  Samantha's helpful and clear instructions. 

Click here for Samantha's Cuckoo Clock pattern.

Using the GR Hoop:

Click here for the .jef file for the front of the Cuckoo Clock.

Click here for the .jef file for the roof of the Cuckoo Clock.

Using a Smaller, Alternative Hoop:

Click here for the .jef file for the bird window of the Cuckoo Clock. (SQ14 Hoop)

Click here for the .jef file for the front of the Cuckoo Clock. (SQ23 Hoop)

Click here for the .jef file for the roof of the Cuckoo Clock. (RE18 Hoop)


Click here for the full image of the Cuckoo Clock.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Saturday, December 17, 2016

I like the concept, but the directions are "sloppy." Nowhere in the supply list does it mention the felt or the batting (how much?). Also, I would never use a high loft batting in a placemat, or a table runner, as I think that it would be too unstable for a glass. The next time I make these, I will cut out the batting (I use flannel) and spray baste it to the wrong side of the Dresden plate before I put the Dresden plate on the felt to cut out. I have not yet washed the finished placemat, and am hoping that the single layer of felt does not curl up, or become distorted after washing/drying.
Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Friday, February 24, 2017

I made this today but your cutting directions need to be changed. You only need 4 of color 1 and color 3 4.5 squares for the triangles. Also the inner border, you only need 2 cuts as WOF is long enough to cut each in half to fit the sides.

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