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  • AcuDesign's First Review


    From Reen of Embroidery Garden 

    We asked a few embroidery bloggers and influencers to participate in an opportunity where they would download the app on their own embroidery machine and write about their experience. Reen, an embroidery designer and blogger from Embroidery Garden was the first to write about her experience.

    I recently had the opportunity to review Janome’s new app, AcuDesign.

    It’s a powerful machine embroidery app for an iPad or iPhone. It’s available in iTunes App store.

    This app isn’t just for Janome machines. It works with several formats and hoops.

    Some of the features of AcuDesign include the ability to import all of your machine embroidery designs (via dropbox) and organize, edit, convert, save and export them.

    You have the ability to load designs to certain machines wirelessly through various devices.

    Organize the designs you already have, ones you can purchase from the app store and the 500 free designs that you can download into folders.

    Thumbnails are generated of your designs. You can also use the search feature to find a design you are looking for and then create a PDF of the design that has info regarding thread colors, size, etc.

    The editing features of the app are impressive. You can add stops, change colors, resize, remove parts of designs, change hoop sizes, change the order of the design, etc. Several thread palettes are included and a stitch simulator will show you exactly how a design will stitch.

    It’s one of the best machine embroidery apps I’ve seen. The app is $49.99. Go to the App Store on your iPad or iPhone and search for AcuDesign.

    Click here to read Reen’s review and learn more on AcuDesign. You can also learn how to edit your own embroidery designs with AcuDesign by watching this YouTube video

  • The Perfect Machine for the Crafting Lovers


    An Artistic Edge Review by Samantha Walker

    Janome Artisan, Samantha Walker, had the opportunity to test out the new Artistic Edge 12 Digital Cutter and was not disappointed. She said that the machine is a beautiful sleek piece of equipment with smooth lines. In this review, Samantha will show you what each blade is capable of doing, how you can use SimpleCut software with different design files and how the machine works to help you produce the best results using your creativity. 

    Being detailed-oriented, Samantha imported some of her most complicated designs to test the SimpleCut software along with the machine's output and was pleased with how it came out. She mentioned in her review that the corners of her design were cut nice and sharp, making it look more beautiful than expected.

    Click here to read Samantha's review and learn more about the Artistic Edge Digital Cutter. 

  • myFoxaustin Heads to QuiltCon


    Keeping the Tradition of Quilting Alive

    Modern quilts are sweeping the sewing industry and attracting a younger group with a sleek and chic approach. Scarlett Greyson, a reporter, anchor and producer for Good Day Austin headed out to QuiltCon at the Austin Convention Center in Texas to get a closer look at the amazing quilts, machines and fabric being featured at QuiltCon as well as getting to know the talented artisans behind these quilts. Included in the news story were a few Janome and Artistic shots. 

    Scarlett also had the opportunity to speak to Alissa Haight Carlton, a Janome Artisan and Executive Director of The Modern Quilt Guild, about the event. Alissa mentioned that all of the quilts featured at QuiltCon were inspired by modern designs. Members of the Guild say it is important to keep the tradition alive by introducing younger groups of people to the art of modern quilting. 

    QuiltCon is presented annually by approximately 400 members of The Modern Quilt Guild. This year's event took place on February 19-22.

    Click here to watch this news segment.

  • Share Your Stitch Story Today


    For a Chance to Win a Skyline S5

    Sewists are the storytellers in every family. Janome wants you to share your Stitch Story for a chance to win a Skyline S5 sewing machine. 

    Submit a photo of your project along with the story that goes along with it. Click here to see other Janome owner's stories while you submit your own. The sweepstakes end on March 31, 2015 and unlimited entries are allowed. 

    Go ahead and Share Your Story today!

  • New Workshops for 2015 Announced


    Offered by The National Quilt Museum

    Starting in May, adult workshops will be offered to anyone who is interested in exploring more avenues of quilting and sewing.

    From May 14-16, Karen Stone will be teaching “All the Points". Participants may begin a single project or explore samples of many techniques. They will also participate in collaborative and individual interpretative color work. Karen’s quilts have won numerous awards, including first prizes in international competitions and her designs appear frequently in exhibits nation wide.

    Malka Dubrawsky will be teaching “Shape it Up: Patterning Fabric with Itajime Shibori” on July 9-11. In her workshop, participants will pattern cotton fabric using a wide variety of plexiglass shapes and working with base fabrics ranging from undyed white to hand and commercially dyed solids as well as commercial prints. Malka has worked as a fiber artist and has been included in prestigious shows and publications including Quilt National, Visions and Fiberarts: Design Book 7.

    Join Laura Wasilowski’s “Translating Ideas into Fabric” workshop from August 27-29. In this class, participants can capture the essence of their story and transform it into a fused art quilt. They will learn to convert a sketch, photo, image, motif or even a vague idea into the fabric shapes that create their own composition. Laura is both a comtemporary quilt maker and creator of hand-dyed fabrics and threads. Her pictorial art quilts are collected and exhibited internationally.

    From September 17-19, Judith Larzelere will be teaching “Exploring Strip Quilting”. Participants will design and create a wall hanging while learning how to use strip piecing and machine strip quilting for abstract wall art. Judith has taught at Arrowmont, Banff, Haystack and Penland craft schools as well as numerous workshops in Europe and the US. Her quilts are exhibited both nationally, internationally as well as in six Quilt National catalogs.

    Last but not least, Katie Pasquini-Masopust’s workshop “Artful Log Cabins” will be held on October 8-10. Participants will use a log cabin block as the basis for creating linear abstract art quilts. They will start with a painting or photograph, then crop that to a strong personal composition. Katie has produced high quality contemporary art quilts that have been exhibited nationally. She is a prolific author who shares her enthusiasm for the art of quilting through numerous books.

    Click here to read more about these workshops and wonderful instructors. Don't forget to also register today!

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